Mess. - Lucky One

Catalog #: SCL135
Artist: Mess.
Tile: Lucky One
Year of record: 2014
Genre: Garage punk
Format: Album
Tracks: 08
License: Лицензия Creative Commons
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Garage-punk band from Moscow. Founded in 2007. The idea was just to play raw punk and rock-n-roll as we all heard on New York Dolls early demos. Andrey worked in music mag and played bass in friendly heavy metal band. And suddenly understood - he's got something to say. Each song is a true story about streets, girls, drugs and so on. Mess. played lots of gigs in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Kyiv, Vladimir, Nizhny Novgorod. Some of gigs they can hardly remember. In 2010 the band recorded 1-st LP 'Mess' and went on tour. After long pause they returned to the scene with saxophonist and new songs. LP 'Lucky One' was recorded at exellent 'Music street studio', which was later - destroyed by city government.

Андрей Шерыханов - вокал
Антон Кириллов - гитара
Александр Давлетбаев - барабаны
Дмитрий Бодров - бас
Петр Чайников - саксофон

Artwork by Дмитрий Соколов
Photo by Марат Никитин
Record in Music street studio
Moskow, 2013





01. - Post Party Morning
02. - Lucky One
03. - Enemy (Alcohol)
04. - Head On
05. - She Lost Her Way
06. - Dumb Girl
07. - Will I See You Again
08. - Sick Song


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