[SCL-TM004] VA — The Light Side Of The Blue

Catalog #:SCL-TM004
Data: 20.01.2015
Genre: Berlin Scool, Drum and Bass, Footwork, Avant-garge, Psychedelic rock
Tracks: 09
Run time: 49:19
Barcode: 5054316574781
License:Лицензия Creative Commons
Это произведение доступно по лицензии Creative Commons «Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike» («Атрибуция — Некоммерческое использование — На тех же условиях») 4.0 Всемирная.

"The Light Side Of The Blue" is a sequel to "Wordless" compiliation, which is the result of the creative colaboration between Southern City‘s Lab Label and producer Hank Hobson in search of talented electronic stage musicians. However, contrasting the previous work executed in gloomily vast tones of ambient and glitch, the compilation offers a wide range of styles from jungle and jazzstep to Berlin school. The sequence of tracks is developed in a way that turns it into a novel, written with sounds and tunes. Into a fantastic story where the main character, finding it no more possible to bear his daily routine and seeking seclusion, runs away towards the sea...to another planet.


Produced by Hank Hobson
Cover by Hank Hobson
Art by Darya Popova
Mastering by Hank Hobson (04, 09)

Commercial release:
It will be available 31.01.2015
iTunes, Amason, Google Play,
Spotify, Deezer, Rdio, eMusic,
WiMP, Music Unlimited

01. - Мутафория Лили — Дом Улитки . Прогулка с Мишелем Гондри и Пьером Ришаром
02. - Pk jazz Collective — Feel The Sorrow (Of Tomorrow)
03. - Lost Radiance — Far Away
04. - Sexyalien — Take Me Into The Space (Hank Hobson Edit)
05. - Hobotek — Respawn
06. - Sobrio — J-Rhodes
07. - Eva Shlegel — Australian Wasteland
08. - SandSpace — Sparrows (lost-radio Reshape)
09. - D-lity feat. Amaranth — This Generation Is Dead