[SCL172] Crossworlds ‎– Day & Night

Catalog #: SCL172
Artist: Crossworlds
Tile: Day & Night
Released: 04.10.2015
Genre: Downtempo, World Music
Format: Album
Tracks: 12
Run time: 40:27
Barcode: 5054316197799
License:Лицензия Creative Commons
Это произведение доступно по лицензии Creative Commons «Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike» («Атрибуция — Некоммерческое использование — На тех же условиях») 4.0 Всемирная.

 Day & Night — это музыкальное отражение бесконечного цикла дня и ночи, где каждая из двух условных сторон, имеет свою тематику, соответствующую представленному времени суток. В отличии от предыдущей работы — Ivana Kupala Night, Crossworlds отошли от языческого обряда индустриальных абстракций в сторону гармоничной картины природы украинского леса, сменив тёмные тона IDM на яркую палитру из downtempo, этнической, академической и поп музыки, а так же экспериментальных элементов.
 Так же помимо своего песенного материала, также были использованы стихи (треки Zimmering и Zori) знаменитой украинской писательницы Леси Украинки (наст. имя Лари́са Петро́вна Ко́сач-Кви́тка, 25 февраля 1871 — 1 августа 1913)

In media:
«До Crossworlds у мене були інші гурти, а цей на перший погляд видавався несерйозним. У ньому працював не мозок, а, скоріше, тільки серце, не було жодного натиску: просто музика, чиста імпровізація та відчуття. Але в певний момент назбиралося досить багато матеріалу й усі інші музичні проекти відійшли на другий план. Тоді я вирішила, що варто робити живі виступи.»

«The brand-new Crossworlds recording - "Day and Night" - exchanges ethnography for a family setting. Mikryukov informs us that: "The LP was conceived as a present for my daughter. Initially it was to be published on vinyl, with the two sides given over to daytime and nocturnal themes. Everything was recorded over the course of two years, from February 2013 to February 2015. The album contains both our own, original material and some lyrics by Lesya Ukrainka. The result is a fairly strange, yet organic mixture of folk, academic music, downtempo tendencies, and experimental elements."»

«In the same way, Mikryukov's other project Crossworlds (together with vocalist Irina Skrypnikova) reworks and reinterprets some ancient Ukrainian folksongs as a response to widespread modern awfulness.»

«I was immensely pleased to finally have an album length release from Crossworlds to listen to. I really loved Ivana Kupala Night, but was left wanting a lot more from the duo of Alexey Mikryukov and Iryna Skrypnykova.  With Crossworlds: Night & Day, this duo has fulfilled that one desire.  They have produced a very rich recording that is wonderfully rewarding to listen to.  I hope Alexey’s daughter (for who this release was originally conceived) appreciates the work her father has put into this release.  It is really an achievement to be proud of.»

All compositions written & produced by Crossworlds
Iryna Skrypnykova — vocals, lyrics, synth in Searching For You
King Imagine — music, engineering
Yaroslav Strakhov — lyrics in Searching For You
Lesya Ukrainka — lyrics in Semmering, Zori
Valeria Moe — cover design
Maksom Parasjukov — booklet

Recorded: Febuary 2013 — February 2015

Recording information:
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01. - Sunwalk
02. - Searching For You
03. - Rain
04. - Sunbird
05. - Zimmering
06. - Evening "Birth Of Silver"

07. - I Don't Wanna Go To China
08. - Night Shadow
09. - Zori
10. - Full Moon Night Dream
11. - Romance
12. - Dawn

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About Crossworlds:

The same convictions inform a brand-new enterprise from Kiev, called Crossworlds. Its genesis is in the homespun project known as King Imagine, i.e., in Alexey Mikryukov and the same city. Last year he began working with vocalist Irina Skrypnikova. Together they decided "to express our Ukrainian roots in some occasionally abstract electronic forms. That's why we've included songs about mermaids, Kupala Night, and - in fact - the whole recording has a certain [traditional] structure. There's a lullaby to start with, followed by an evocation of the moments between sleep and waking."