[SCL-SNG003] Tigerberry — If I Could (Alt. Version)

Catalog #: SCL-SNG003
Artist: Tigerberry
Tile: If I Could (Alt. Version)
Released: 17.11.2015
Genre: Indie rockck
Run time: 03:28
License:Лицензия Creative Commons
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And now you really want
To get this pain away so
This time your body's old
And heart is full of shame cause you

Where's your angel?
How could you
Lose your angel
Why do you
Lose your angel
Life is shit
There is no magic
Left for you

Listen to me
Cause If I could
Could Come back to you
I would keep you heart safe
Cause if I could
I would make you smile
I would make your life shine

You hide it in the dark
The creatures push the strangers
Does anybody know?
You’re hiding hole in your heart so

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About Tigerberry:

TIGERBERRY - is trio from Moscow. Their cold gothic sound merges Depeche Mode's synth delivery and mature alternative rock approach such as Placebo. "Their songs are full of heartfelt pursuit, depicted in a cold sound and indirect lyrics. They have already released two albums and played some big festivals like "Остров 90х" and openned for great Russian acts like АукцЫон. TIGERBERRY - is a real Russian alternative." EatMusic.