[SCL191] Pk jazz Collective — Love's Secret

Catalog #: SCL191
Artist: Pk jazz Collective
Tile: Love's Secret
Released: 17.12.2016
Genre: Psyshedelic rock, Downtempo
Format: Album
Tracks: 10
Run time: 34:47
Barcode: 5057302095666
License: Creative Commons «Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike» 4.0

Dedicated to my beloved wife and our son

This collection of songs is a mosaic of different musical styles. There is everything from the blues of the 60's to pop music of 80s. Connection link between this palette appears theme which has been noted on the album cover - love and its mysteries.

All music by Pk jazz Collective

"If You Be My Baby" by Green, Adams (original song by Fleetwood Mac)
"Jewel-Eyed Judy" by John McVie, Mick Fleetwood, Danny Kirwan (original song by Fleetwood Mac)
"Billy Boy" - traditional folk song
"Broken" - by Orzabal (original song by Tears for Fears)
"Working Hour" - by Orzabal, Stanley, Manny Elias (original song by Tears for Fears)
"Danny O'Dare" - by Shel Silverstein
"Love's Secret" - by William Blake
"Winter Has Come" - by Pk jazz Collective
"As Soon as Fred Gets Out of Bed" - by Jack Prelutsky

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01. - If You Be My Baby
02. - Jewel-Eyed Judy
03. - Billy Boy
04. - Broken
05. - Working Hour
06. - From F To G
07. - Danny O'Dare
08. - Love's Secret
09. - Winter Has Come
10. - As Soon As Fred Gets Out Of Bed


About Pk jazz Collective

Pk jazz Collective is a jazz-rock internet-project created in May 2012. The founder and sole shareholder is actually Korotin Vyacheslav. The project has five releases, three of which came out on independent labels. Musical style - downtempo, jazz-rock, psychedelic rock.