[SCL194] notforme! — Small Town Mysteries

Catalog #: SCL194
Artist: notforme!
Title: Small Town Mysteries
Released: 10.11.2017
Genre: Folk
Format: Mini-album
Tracks: 04
Run time: 10:25
License: Creative Commons «Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike» 4.0

“Small Town Mysteries” is a tough one. Conceived during a five hour long spontaneous jam session with a let-it-all-out approach it both harkens back to the artists’ punk-rock upbringing and follows the course set by the first album. The voice is back and the crumpled paper poetry is back but this time with a bunch of fellow Karelian musicians to bounce off of. The result — four songs, oscillating from a gentle whisper to a desperate outcry, disjointed, reflection-fueled but unmistakably notforme!

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