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Russian DIY and netlabel, exploring various forms of independent rock, electronic and avant-garde music.
We also publish videos, podcasts, multimedia and articles.

Basic preferences:
independent rock, garage rock and subgenres punk/hardcore; avant-garge , sound art and experimental music; IDM and downtempo electronic; home recording and lo-fi music

We are always open to new names and music. If you think that your music is suitable, please send your mp3 (please use Dropbox and similar services) or link to Soundcloud and Bandcamp at the following address: contact(at)southerncitylab.net
We will answer!

For all your questions you can contact the following address:
Contact Name: Maxim

Press & Support:
netwaves podcast: [NWS369] special Southern City‘s Lab netlabel

«Southern City's Lab, a Russian netlabel bringing in some incredible punk releases.»
Managing Director WFMU & FMA

«Southern City’s Lab is one of the most exciting netlabels in the world right now.»

«I do not know where Southern City’s Lab scouts for its bands to release, but it looks like they found a great source of awesome indie rock.»

For us, the most important award is always your love and attention to the music, published by us, but the label is in constant development. We have many different ideas and plans (release tapes and merch, promotion of artists, video shooting and creation of additional resources). And you can help us with this.
How to do it:
- Donate
- Support your favorite album on our SCL Market.
- Offer assistance